Frequently Asked Questions

What is your shipping policy?

- All orders take 1-7 days to process. Orders inside the US take 1-5 days to deliver and orders outside the US take 1-4 weeks to deliver.

What is your return policy?

-We do not accept returns unless an item was damaged in shipping.

What happens if my package is lost?

-We cannot be responsible for anything that happens to the package after it is dropped off at the post office. However, we will work with you and USPS to do our absolute best to find your package!

Can your jewelry be worn in the water?

-Most jewelry can be worn in the water, however we do recommend to not have it in water of long periods of time. Make sure it is rinsed and dried after being in salt water.

How much is shipping?

-Inside the US the price is $4.00 and outside the US it can be $15.00+

What if I need a different size?

-All items are made to one size, but if you ever think you need a different size send me an email!